Perché è importante usare il Copripiumino?

Why is it important to use a duvet cover?

Dec 12, 2022

Washing a duvet well is a long and complex process; in fact, to ensure a long life to the duvet, it is necessary to adopt many precautions. Thanks to the use of the duvet cover, i.e. the cover of the duvet, the duvet will be well protected from stains and dust and can be washed less.

Alongside its main use, however, we find many other advantages.


Making a bed with sheets and blankets is a long process: you have to pull and arrange the sheets and blankets well, turn the top sheet up and tuck everything back in. You don't always have time in the morning and you end up going out with a messy room. Making the bed with the duvet cover instead is really simple. There is nothing to tuck in and no flap to do; a single movement is enough to rearrange the duvet on the bed and give it a tidy look.


Washing quilts and blankets, as well as duvets, is a lengthy process and as a result they are rarely washed. Thanks to the duvet covers we will have the possibility to wash the cover even every week, counteracting the onset of bad smells, mites and bacteria. The duvet covers can be easily washed in the washing machine like normal sheets, without any special precautions other than following the washing label.

Change of style

By choosing the blanket or quilt the colors will remain the same for years and eventually you will get tired of your room. Thanks to the duvet covers, on the other hand, it is possible to change the style of the room even every week. On the market there are duvet covers of hundreds of colors and patterns and it is really impossible not to find the right style for your bedroom.


Both in terms of washing cost and product cost, the duvet cover is certainly an advantage. In fact, the washing of quilts and blankets is often done in the laundry with the relative costs of the service. The duvet cover, on the other hand, can be washed easily at home and takes up little space in the washing machine. Also in terms of purchase there is a big difference. To change the style of the room, you would have to buy dozens of blankets or quilts, with the related purchase costs and the need for a large storage space. Duvet covers, on the other hand, cost much less and take up the space of a sheet in the wardrobe.

How is a duvet cover made?

The duvet cover is essentially made up of two overlapping sheets sewn on 3 sides; the open side is for the duvet to enter. The open side can be equipped with a flap, excess fabric for tucking under the mattress, or closed with buttons.

The duvet cover is comparable to a pillowcase: it must fit snugly to protect the product inside.

Best duvet cover materials

On the market there are duvet covers of the most disparate qualities. As with any household linen product, it would be better to avoid polyester to make room for natural fabrics such as cotton.

Cotton, as well as cotton satin, is a perfect fabric for making duvet covers as it is easily washable, soft and breathable.