Grado di calore: cosa è e come scegliere quello giusto

Degree of heat: what it is and how to choose the right one

Dec 23, 2022

Choosing a duvet can be confusing. There are now many types on the market and often choosing the right one seems like a difficult task. Thanks to the degrees of heat, however, the choice is simplified, as we will already have the clearest ideas about the right product.

The right heat needed is a subjective choice: there are those who suffer a lot from the cold and those who don't, those who live in the mountains and those by the sea, those who live in old houses and those who live in modern houses. Many factors often influence the choice of the right degree of heat.

What is the warmth rating of duvets?

The degree of heat is basically the thermal power of a duvet, i.e. how warm it keeps. The degree of warmth is determined by the weight of the filling (more filling = more warmth) and the type of goose down bundle used (larger down bundles = more warmth).

Degrees of heat

The degrees of heat commonly range from 2 to 5. However, Zenoni & Colombi has also created the degree of heat 6.

Grade 2 : it is considered a spring duvet, perfect with mild temperatures around 25°. However, it is also ideal in summer combined with air conditioning. Even though the climate is hot, down insulates the body and keeps it cool. For more information, read our article on using duvets in the summer .

Grade 3 : considered an autumn duvet, perfect in mid-season with temperatures around 20°. Also ideal in winter with the heating on at high temperatures.

Grade 4 : it is considered a light winter, sufficient for a winter in the city, for those who do not suffer from the cold, in rooms heated to at least 17° or for very isolated houses where the temperature does not drop much.

Grade 5 : it is considered a warm winter, perfect in winter with a cold external climate, in cold areas or for rooms heated for a few hours a day.

Grade 6 : Designed for those who need extra warmth. Perfect in unheated bedrooms, in old or poorly insulated houses, mountain areas or for those who suffer a lot from the cold.

How to choose the right degree of heat

The choice is always subjective as it depends on how much you suffer from the cold and the area in which it is to be used.

To understand which degree of heat to choose, we recommend first reading the descriptions of the degrees of heat. The first question to ask yourself is: in which description do I find myself more? with the answer to this question you will make the first skimming on the choice of the perfect duvet for you.

For the undecided, we recommend choosing an extra degree of warmth: it is always better to sleep with short sleeves than to risk being cold and ending up having to use a heavy blanket.

The other solution for the undecided is the 4-season duvet. Composed of two separate but joinable duvets of different weights, it adapts to various situations. The 4-season duvet is in fact composed of a light duvet, perfect for warmer climates, and a medium-weight duvet suitable for autumn. The two duvets, equipped with clip buttons, can be combined to obtain a heavier duvet, suitable for winter weather.