Camera da letto in Stile Nordico

Nordic style bedroom

Dec 28, 2022

The Nordic style, or Scandinavian style, combines minimalism and modernity, creating sober and extremely elegant environments. Furnishing with the Nordic style means creating welcoming and relaxing spaces, ideal for reconciling sleep in the most intimate room of the house.

The birth of the Scandinavian style

Winters in northern Europe are long, cold and dark. For this reason, with home furnishings, we try to illuminate the spaces using furniture and fabrics in light and warm colors. Thanks to designers such as Alvar Aalto and Wegner, the Scandinavian style has been enriched with minimal and harmonious furniture that helps in the creation of modern and welcoming environments.

The colors of the Scandinavian style

The choice of furniture and fabric colors falls on light and warm tones, such as white, beige, cream or ivory. To create plays of colour, you opt for the use of pastel colors such as antique pink or sugar paper. It is essential not to choose too dark or bright colors that contrast with the environment as everything must always remain in harmony.

For the furniture, natural wood with a light color such as fir or oak is used. For the floors, parquet in light oak or beech wood is preferred, which gives brightness to the environment. Even the household linen respects the same principle: natural fabrics such as cotton or satin in harmonious neutral and light colours, always in a palette with the rest of the environment.

For the creation of our Nordic-style room we asked our friend Elli_nordic_home for a hand, specialized in this simple and elegant style.

A room with a Nordic style

On the bed we find a warm Campiglio model duvet perfect for winter, wrapped in a splendid duvet cover in natural cotton satin fabric in Sand color . The sheets , also in soft cotton satin, are in Beige to recall the palette of the room, creating a light play of shades.

For her Nordic-style bedroom, Elli has chosen a bed in matt faux leather that recalls the colors of the stone wall behind it. The parquet floor and the wooden bedside tables enrich the environment while keeping the room linear and harmonious.

The bedroom is thus very simple, intimate and tasteful. The atmosphere appears bright and welcoming in full Scandinavian style and offers the ideal conditions for a pleasant rest.

For its Tonale model feather cushions, Elly has chosen to use 2 Sabbia and 2 Ivory pillowcases, to continue with the ton sur tone game of the bed.