Alla scoperta del Plaid

Discovering Plaid

Jan 05, 2023

Winter is coming, temperatures drop, it's snowing outside… what's better at the end of the day than an armchair, a warm plaid and a hot chocolate?

The plaid is the armchair and sofa cover par excellence thanks to its small size and the soft materials chosen for their construction. Unlike the classic blanket, in fact, the plaid is usually smaller in size, thus combining the practical function of heating with a more decorative function.

Plaids have now become a widely used piece of furniture to enhance the rooms of the house. We can place it in the living room for moments of relaxation on the sofa, in the bedroom in addition to the duvet on colder nights or simply around the house to decorate and enrich the environment.

Choosing the right plaid can depend on do factors:

  • aesthetic issues related to the room in which it will be placed
  • choice of material for allergies or washings
  • size according to the use to be made of it

Let's go together to see case by case how we can choose the plaid that best suits our needs.

The plaid design

To choose a plaid that matches your home, it is important to study the aesthetics of the room where you will place it.

You can choose the colored or patterned plaid matching the headboard of the bed or the sofa cover. For the choice of color you can opt for ton sur ton or go in contrast with light and dark. For a good aesthetic balance, avoid patterns in already very elaborate rooms or colors that clash with the rest of the room.

If, on the other hand, you don't like the aesthetics of visible plaid, you can opt for a wicker basket where you can roll it up and store it at the end of the day.

To always have a tidy environment it is important to think about the position of the plaid. A crumpled or crumpled blanket on the sofa will bring chaos and clutter to the room. Instead, arrange the plaid in a decorative way by placing it on the back of the sofa or by folding it on an ottoman.

The choice of materials

There are now plaids in various fabrics on the market: wool, polyester, camel…

Wool is certainly the most popular choice thanks to its softness and ability to generate heat. To reduce peeling, i.e. the formation of lint on the surface, the use of plaids in wool mixed with other fibers or polyester is often recommended.

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