La mise en place in Estate

The mise en place of the summer

Mar 23, 2023

We take friends, a sunset dinner, the fresh evening air and a stylishly set table. These are the right ingredients to create a corner of paradise on a typical summer evening on the terrace or in the garden.

You take care of your friends... we'll take care of the table. Let's see together how to set the summer table in the garden with elegance, while maintaining a fresh style typical of the hot season.

The ideal is to use tablecloths and napkins in Cotton or Linen , fresh, light and fluttering fabrics, perfect for the base of your mise en place.

In fact, there is nothing better than a total white to make the table stand out in your garden.
The embroidered tablecloth can become the protagonist of the dinner; it will give your elegant table that must-have you need, laying the foundations for a 5-star setting.

To make the most of the embroideries and openwork of the embroidered tablecloth , you can overlap it with a second white tablecloth; in this way you will be able to hide the color of the table while making the top softer, avoiding the annoying noise of dishes and glasses.

Opt for white plates, smooth or with reliefs that recall the embroidered tablecloth, creating an impeccable total white effect. Play on layering, choosing white plates of various shapes or different materials.

To give a light touch of color, you can play with ice cubes by enriching them with berries or scented herbs.

To set an elegant table, choose transparent, glass or crystal glasses; avoid using plastic or colored glasses so as not to ruin the final effect.

We can also think of a floral decoration in shades of white, with hydrangeas and geraniums typical of the season. However, let's add a touch of originality with green elements such as leaves and aromatic plants; the green will stand out against the white of the flowers and the embroidered tablecloth, creating a fresh but refined effect.

Use comfortable seats, such as large chairs or armchairs. You can also opt for benches with cushions, combining the embroidered decorative pillowcases with the tablecloth for an even more elegant result.