Tipologie di trapuntatura dei Piumini

Types of duvet quilting

Apr 26, 2023

Coffer quilting

The coffered quilting features internal spacer strips between the squares that make up the duvet. The spacers allow a homogeneous distribution of the padding, favoring the degree of insulation and thermoregulation. In fact, the coffered quilting ensures that the feathers are uniformly present over the entire surface, avoiding unnecessary heat loss, transforming the duvet into a real barrier against the cold. The duvets with coffered quilting are reserved for those who suffer from low temperatures and need the warmest duvets on the market. For this reason we use this technique for our 6* super padded duvets, the warmest series among our proposals.

Fixed check quilting

This type of quilting involves seams that join the upper and lower fabric thus creating closed squares. Within these squares we find the padding equally divided. The fixed check quilting keeps the padding evenly distributed and increases breathability.

Actual size of duvets

Duvets, being quilted and padded products, tend to shrink by a few cm due to the "humps" formed with the quilting. A 250x200 duvet could in fact be of real size 240x190, as the fabric is "hunched" by the very padded quilting. The lining is the correct size; pulling the quilting and measuring you will notice that the size of the lining will be right.