Piuma riciclata: la scelta Ecologica

Recycled feather: the ecological choice

Nov 14, 2022

Zenoni&Colombi has always had a strong focus on the environment and ecology. For this reason, today Polar green is added to our line, the first Zenoni&Colombi quilt in recycled feather.

The new Polar green ecological duvet is entirely filled with goose down recovered from used duvets, duvets and pillows or which can no longer be sold. By taking down from waste products, while still guaranteeing the usual high quality standards, Zenoni&Colombi makes its contribution to the development of the down recycling flow. Our goal is always to offer the highest possible quality, trying with this new product to reduce waste and create value in the recycling stream.

How do you recycle down?

The goose down is returned to its original state through a series of production processes that regenerate it to make it ideal for the production of a new duvet. Once collected, the waste feathers are dedusted, washed, sterilized and meticulously selected to guarantee the company's high standards. This process can be repeated indefinitely in a continuous cycle of recovery and reuse that would allow the world of goose down to enter a new era.

Why choose recycled feather?

The recycled feather duvets are eco-sustainable thanks to the lower environmental impact of production and disposal.

The recycled down is 100% cruelty free . By recycling discarded down, new feathers are not needed for stuffing new products.

The recycled down does not lose its properties, continuing to guarantee the same unmistakable degree of comfort.

Discover the new polar green recycled feather duvet now and start doing good for the environment right away.