Perchè scegliere il Cashmere: proprietà del cashmere

Why choose Cashmere blankets

Jul 29, 2022

Cashmere is a textile fiber obtained from the hair of a special goat bred in Mongolia, Turkey, India, Iran and Afghanistan called Kashmir goats, from which it takes its name.

In these areas the climate is very cold in winter and very hot in summer and the Kashmir goat is able to adapt to both temperatures thanks to its special fur. The Kashmir fleece is made up of two layers: a coarser and rougher surface layer and a very dense and very soft thermo-regulating and insulating undercoat from which the precious cashmere is produced.

In spring the shepherds proceed with the shearing and separation, using a special comb, of the finest and most precious fibers, from which cashmere is obtained. Only 2 ounces of hair are harvested from each goat a year, a rather small quantity which determines its value and high cost.

Properties of cashmere blankets

  1. High softness. The cashmere plaid feels soft and delicate on the skin.
  2. Maintains a constant body temperature. Thanks to its thermoregulating properties, the cashmere blanket is suitable for both the cold and hot seasons.
  3. Cashmere is a breathable fabric that absorbs moisture and therefore perspiration.
  4. It's antistatic. Not attracting electromagnetic and electrostatic fields, it does not attract dust.
  5. Cashmere is not afraid of frequent washing

Is cashmere or wool better?

Softness: cashmere is much softer

Insulation: Cashmere is at least three times more insulating than wool

Warmth: Cashmere is 10 times warmer than wool

Lightness: cashmere products are lighter than wool ones

Durability: When washed and cared for properly, cashmere wool can last for decades.

Pilling: cashmere has less pilling than wool

Quality: Cashmere is a much more sought-after fiber than wool

Felting: cashmere felts less than wool thanks to its particular type of flakes.

Cost: cashmere has a higher cost than wool

In conclusion we understood that cashmere is a superior product compared to wool . Therefore, against a more expensive initial investment, we will have a more durable and superior quality product, perfect for offering you unparalleled fit and comfort. Once you try it, it will be hard to go back to regular blankets.