Differenza fra 4 stagioni e piumino invernale

What is the difference between the 4 seasons duvet and the winter duvet?

Aug 01, 2022

In winter you can opt for the use of a single warm duvet or for the use of a 4 seasons.

The 4-season duvet is essentially composed of two separate duvets: 1 lighter duvet (considered summer) and 1 heavier duvet (considered autumn). The two duvets can be used separately in mid-season and joined using the special buttons to form a single warm duvet suitable for the colder seasons.

But what is the difference between using the 4 seasons duvet or the whole winter duvet?

degree of heat

The winter duvet reaches a higher degree of warmth than a 4-season duvet:

  • The winter duvet has 5 heat points.
  • The 4 seasons duvet reaches 4 and a half heat points: the 4 seasons is made up of 1 summer duvet with 2 heat points + 1 autumn duvet with 3 heat points. However, being separated it is possible that a little air passes, losing in caloric value; in doing so he fails to reach 5 full points.

The difference is obviously minimal, only perceived in the case of very cold temperatures. For those who still want a 4 seasons but the temperatures are colder, Zenoni & Colombi offers the 4 seasons PLUS duvet , made up of 1 light duvet + 1 winter duvet to reach almost 6 heat points.


The comfort perceived by our body is greater under a full duvet than that perceived when dozing off under a 4-season duvet. Slipping under a 4-season duvet means having two duvets on you and therefore 4 layers of fabric. The sensation of lightness will therefore be different: at the same temperature obtained, you will have a more comfortable weight on the body!

But let's not forget the advantages of the 4 seasons

In terms of practicality, the 4-season duvet gives you the possibility to lighten or weigh down your cover quickly and easily; in fact, a simple gesture is enough to obtain a warmer or cooler duvet.

With the 4 season duvet there is not even the problem of storage in winter as both duvets are in use and the heavy duvet will not be put away until the summer season.