Sul fattore risparmio è importante sapere che, per ogni grado risparmiato, si stima un abbassamento della bolletta pari al 7%.

Save on your bill thanks to the goose down duvet

Aug 05, 2022

In this period we are witnessing constant increases in electricity and gas tariffs and the various government proposals on reducing the maximum temperature in the house up to 19 degrees.

This winter we will therefore have to look for alternative methods to heating to feel good at home, both to save on bills and to meet any new regulations.

On the savings factor, it is important to know that, for each degree saved, a reduction in the bill of 7% is estimated.

Lowering the heating by a few degrees can therefore represent real savings on the gas bill.

Let's see together how to make the house more efficient and warmer without exaggerated bills

  1. Do not place obstacles such as furniture or curtains in front of the heaters as it hinders the diffusion of heat. To increase diffusion, it is advisable to insert a reflecting panel (such as aluminum foil) between the external wall and the radiator, thus increasing its degree of insulation.
  2. Keep the windows open for only a few minutes to avoid unnecessary heat loss.
  3. In the evening it is important to close the shutters or put heavy curtains to reduce the dispersion of heat towards the outside. During the day, however, it is important to leave it open to take advantage of the heat of the sun, heating the house at no cost.
  4. Close unused rooms.
  5. Close interior doors isolating the heat within each room.
  6. Seal gaps, such as under doors and windows, that allow cold air to enter. You can use special draft stoppers or roll up blankets.
  7. Defrost refrigerators and freezers regularly (a defrosted refrigerator is more energy efficient). Furthermore, do not place the refrigerator near the oven as it consumes up to 10% more.
  8. Insulate the windows. You can do this with simple thick curtains or with specific films that adhere perfectly to the glass, preventing heat loss.
  9. Check that you have a perfectly functional system (a functioning system consumes less). An inefficient boiler leads to an increase in consumption of up to 30%.

And if all this were not enough? How can we stay even warmer at home?

  1. During digestion and before falling asleep, the body feels colder. It is therefore important to cover yourself well in these moments.
  2. While you are still on the sofa it is advisable to hold a hot drink in your hands and cover your feet well. Having warm extremities in fact makes you feel less cold.
  3. Avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol offers an immediate feeling of warmth, but actually lowers the body temperature and after a while it will make you feel colder.
  4. A hot shower or bath draws blood to the surface, bringing the body back to a reasonable level of warmth. Cover up as soon as you step out of the water to retain the heat from the shower.
  5. Use clothing that retains heat such as thermal underwear.
  6. At home, wear woolen or fleece clothes, two warm and insulating materials
  7. The working oven contributes significantly to keeping the room warm. After cooking leave it open to expand the heat even more.
  8. Do your laundry on colder days. The washing machine gives off heat and heats the adjacent rooms.
  9. Use very warm and insulating bed linen , such as goose down duvets or cashmere blankets . Zenoni & Colombi offers various types and will help you in the colder months.