Il rispetto degli animali sarà sempre una priorità per Zenoni & Colombi. Per questo motivo tutti i nostri piumini ed i nostri guanciali sono certificati DOWNPASS

Animal welfare first!

Sep 05, 2022

Respect for animals will always be a priority for Zenoni & Colombi. For this reason all our duvets and pillows are DOWNPASS certified, synonymous with the guarantee that the feathers used as padding have been ethically obtained and come from rigorously traced and controlled supply chains.

What does downpass certification entail?

Having downpass certified products means producing goose duvets and pillows in an ethical way, supporting animal welfare during feather harvesting and ensuring that the feathers do not come from live or mistreated animals.

Companies that supply downpass down are continuously monitored with unannounced inspections. The inspections are carried out all over the world and are used to ensure the best conditions for rearing and maintaining ducks and geese on farms.

Downpass guarantees high levels of zero tolerance standards. For this reason, consumers can be sure that they will not find material from live plucking or foie gras production in their products.

Choose only ethically sourced down

Do you need a new duvet or a soft down pillow? Make sure the product comes from safe sources and with ethically sourced materials. The protection of the environment and animals should now be a priority in companies around the world. However, not all of them have yet evolved in this sense. For this reason, choosing a Zenoni & Colombi product is a step forward in helping nature and animals such as geese and ducks.

Down and feathers are the best material to get the perfect rest. They provide the bed linen with greater comfort in terms of warmth and lightness. Every single Zenoni & Colombi feather product can be traced by an individual control number, consisting of a letter and 7 or 8 digits, on the DOWNPASS label.

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