Certificazione Nomite

Nomite certification

Sep 12, 2022

Zenoni & Colombi puts the well-being of its consumers first. Taking into consideration that we spend a third of our day in bed, it becomes essential to sleep in a healthy and bacteria-free environment.

For this reason, all our goose down duvets, pillows and quilts are certified NOMITE®, an international brand that identifies products suitable for use by people allergic to dust and mites.

The products padded with feathers and down guarantee the rapid release of the humidity that is created during the night, creating a perfect climate for humans but an unfavorable habitat for dust mites.

Furthermore, thanks to the dense textures of the fabrics used for the outer linings, we guarantee additional protection against mites as our high quality fabrics prevent their passage.

From today, even those suffering from allergies and asthma will not have to deprive themselves of the guaranteed comfort of goose down duvets and pillows, giving themselves the best possible sleep.