Temperatura ottimale per la camera da letto

Optimal temperature for the bedroom

Jul 25, 2022

In the bedroom the ideal temperature varies between 16 and 18°C. Although temperatures may seem too low to us, scientists say that the room should always be kept cool even in winter. Let's see together the reasons:

  1. The coolness promotes sleep by promoting a longer and more pleasant rest.
  2. The fresh air allows the release of melatonin, a hormone that helps counteract the aging of cells and organs.
  3. The low temperatures help the correct functioning of the metabolism, preventing the appearance of diseases such as diabetes and obesity.
  4. Consumption is lowered, obtaining benefits on bills and wallets (on average, each degree of temperature increases consumption by 7%).
  5. With less consumption you pollute less and contribute to the protection of the environment
  6. A cool climate improves oxygenation and therefore respiration
  7. A cool climate allows the body to cool down, thus releasing high levels of melatonin, a hormone that helps counteract the aging process of cells and organs.
  8. By cooling down the body, the body will also produce high levels of somatotropin, a hormone that helps make us feel and look younger.
  9. A cold room also helps the correct functioning of the metabolism keeping it fast and active, preventing the appearance of diseases related to metabolic processes such as diabetes and obesity.

For an optimal bedroom, it is also important to maintain a correct level of humidity. In winter the optimal level varies between 40 and 60%. High humidity favors the development of molds that are harmful to the home and health, while too low humidity can cause dry mucous membranes and cough. It is important to remember that humidity increases at night due to sweating and breathing; for this reason it is important to ventilate the room every morning by opening the windows.

How do we counteract the low room temperature?

To reach the optimal temperature in the bed (about 32-34°C) the choice of linen is essential.

The choice of bed linen that is too light or of unsuitable materials can in fact compromise the quality of sleep. To deal with these situations, it is important to choose a kit with thermoregulating properties, such as winter goose down duvets , which are warm but at the same time light on the body.