Arredare con gusto con il ricamato a mano

Decorate with taste with hand embroidered

Jul 11, 2022

Embroidered curtains can become the key element for furnishing any room with taste, making the home warmer and more welcoming. They can adapt to both classic and more modern furnishings. The mix of styles is in fact a very fashionable trend and allows you to create sophisticated and dynamic environments.

The embroidered curtains give great brightness to the rooms, guaranteeing privacy without blocking the incoming light. The soft passage of light through the curtains creates a perfect timeless atmosphere.

By choosing the high quality of Zenoni&Colombi embroidered glass curtains, you will obtain a fresh and elegant environment, inspired by the good taste of the past. Perfect in any room they can be placed in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Being very essential in form, you won't even run the risk of becoming tacky.

Break away from the style of those modern apartments with characterless colored polyester curtains; thanks to hand-embroidered curtains and their eternal tradition, your home will be more sophisticated and refined.

The embroidered curtains are also very resistant over time thanks to the well-made seams and impeccable workmanship.

Selection of embroidered curtains

Choose the right style for your home from modern designs like Butterfly and Coimbra , romantic designs like Fenice and Italiano 600 or timeless designs like Toscano 400 and Marie Claire . Each drawing will always be a journey through time, made up of memories of grandparents' trousseau or their country houses.

Zenoni&Colombi hand-embroidered curtains can also be made to measure. Contact us to verify the feasibility of your request with respect to the size and model chosen.