Come lavare Lenzuola e Copripiumini in Cotone, Cotone Percalle e Raso di Cotone

How to wash sheets and duvet covers in cotton, cotton percale and cotton satin

Jul 28, 2023

As for washing in the washing machine, we recommend programs for cotton or delicate items. The delicate programs are suitable for clothes with more sensitive fabrics such as cotton sateen, while the cotton programs are more suitable for resistant fabrics such as cotton itself.

White sheets can be washed at higher temperatures, up to 60°, because the white color is less sensitive to the release of pigments. However, for colored or printed sheets, it is best to limit yourself to a maximum temperature of 40° to avoid the risk of fading or losing color.

Regarding drying, the use of the dryer is recommended, but it is advisable to use low temperatures to preserve the quality of the fabric. High temperatures can cause shrinkage or damage to delicate fabrics.

If you prefer to dry your sheets in the open air, hang them outdoors, preferably in the shade. This way, you avoid direct contact with the sun's rays which could fade the colors over time and help keep the fabrics fresher and more natural. Be sure to hang your sheets flat to avoid creases and keep them looking neater.

Following these practices will help keep your sheets in good condition for longer, ensuring maximum durability and comfort while you sleep.