Come avere Asciugamani morbidi nel Tempo

How to have soft towels over time

Jul 17, 2023

Often, after several uses, towels become "rough", this happens for a series of reasons that include the washing and drying processes. For this reason we will provide you with some precautions to follow to maintain the softness of the towels over time.

Choosing quality towels is essential to obtain softness and durability over time. Pure cotton terry is one of the best fabrics for towels, thanks to its absorbency, durability and softness. Cotton is a natural material known for its ability to absorb moisture effectively. Cotton terry, in particular, is made with combed cotton threads that create a soft and voluminous fabric. This type of fabric offers a pleasant feel on the skin and allows the towels to dry the body quickly. Furthermore, cotton is also a durable material that can withstand numerous wash cycles without losing its softness and quality. This means that good quality cotton terry towels can last a long time and maintain their softness even after multiple uses and washes.

Here are some tips for maintaining softness:

1. Hard water: Hard water can contain limescale and minerals that can make towels stiff. Consider using a filter to reduce the scale level in the water if necessary.

2. Fabric softener and detergent: Use the right amount of fabric softener and detergent when washing. Excess fabric softener can form a film on the fabric, making it more difficult to absorb. Excess detergent can be difficult to rinse out. Follow the recommended doses.

3. Beware of heat: Avoid high temperatures when washing and drying, as they can dry out the fabric fibers.

4. Washing: Do not overload the washing machine drum. Make sure towels have room to move during washing. Avoid washing towels together with very different items and preferably wash towels with other towels or similar items of linen.

5. Washing frequency: Avoid washing towels too often, but make sure you have enough towels for regular changes.

6. Drying: Use the dryer if possible. Add a tennis ball or dryer balls to prevent rubbing and help fluff the fabric. Make sure towels are completely dry before folding or storing them to avoid mildew.

7. Air drying: If you prefer air drying, avoid direct sun exposure and towel dry occasionally to help air penetrate the fabric.

8. Ironing: Avoid ironing if possible. If necessary, use the iron on low heat when the towel is almost cold.