Guanciali in piuma: caratteristiche e differenze

Down pillows: characteristics and differences

Sep 07, 2023

The feather pillows give a high level of softness, breathability and ability to adapt to the garment. The head sinks pleasantly giving the neck a feeling of maximum relaxation and pleasure.

Zenoni & Colombi offers a selection of feather , down and feather pillows in different percentages to guarantee the perfect pillow for everyone.

Difference between the 4 Zenoni & Colombi models


It is a pillow that offers an extraordinary softness thanks to its padding in very soft feathers, ideal for an awakening full of energy and a comfortable sleep.

  • The fluffiest and softest
  • The shortest
  • Maximum head thrust
  • Extremely light


The 50% feather pillow is able to maintain the right microclimate in contact with the body. In fact, the feather allows the constant passage of air, making Bernina a highly fresh and breathable pillow.

  • Average height
  • Medium compactness
  • Extremely fresh


The padding of the Tonale pillow is perfect for those who want the support of a duvet without giving up the softness of pure flake.

  • Average height
  • Medium softness
  • Peach hand lining


Pillow with 95% down padding that makes the pillow compact, perfect for side sleepers or who want neck support.

  • The highest
  • The most compact
  • Maximum support