5* Winter Duvet for Baby Cots and Cradles in 100% Goose Down
5* Winter Duvet for Baby Cots and Cradles in 100% Goose Down
5* Winter Duvet for Baby Cots and Cradles in 100% Goose Down
5* Winter Duvet for Baby Cots and Cradles in 100% Goose Down
5* Winter Duvet for Baby Cots and Cradles in 100% Goose Down

5* Winter Duvet for Baby Cots and Cradles in 100% Goose Down

Polar winter duvet for children and babies, padded with soft down that provides warmth and breathability, so they don't sweat.
Misura: Cradle 80x120 cm
Cradle 80x120 cm
Cot 100x130cm
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Cot and cot duvet

Rest in children is essential to ensure a relaxed day without emotional stress. Zenoni&Colombi has designed a soft and light bed line for them to help them rest well. The duvets bed for children and babies they are padded with soft goose down which provides warmth and breathability, so they don't sweat. 

Give your baby a perfect rest

Thanks to the properties of goose down, your baby will sleep and wake up happy.

  1. Warm but very light on the body

  2. You will avoid using blanket covers that make sleeping restless

  3. The baby will be wrapped without being compressed by heavy blankets

  4. Being thermoregulating, you will sleep warm without sweating

  5. It guarantees the breathability of the skin

  6. The child will benefit from an extremely pleasant bed and quality rest.

  7. Down is naturally an enemy of mites

  8. Goose down is the material that most favors thermal insulation

  9. It doesn't sting

  10. It doesn't make any noise


The baby duvet is made of 90% goose down and 10% hypoallergenic white goose down, inserted in a pure cotton lining. Goose duvet made in Italy perfect for the cold season thanks to its 5 heat points e al Filling Power di 550. Delivered with a practical zip bag for convenient storage in the wardrobe during the months of non-use.

Technical specifications

Padding: 90% goose down - 10% hypoallergenic white goose down
Lining: Twill 40/40 100% cotton
Feather origin: Siberia
Filling weight: 310 g/m2
Total weight:
80x120 297 g
100x130 403 g
Warmth rating: 5 out of 5 points
Filling Power 550 CUIN
Certifications: oeko-tex and nomite


  • 90% Siberian down 10% Feather


  • Winter

Color family:




Certification that marks products that do not pose risks to the health of consumers.


International brand that identifies suitable products
for use by people allergic to dust and mites.

Washing tips

If it does not suffer particular damage, the bed duvet can be safely washed once a year before being put away; frequent washing is not necessary to keep it fresh. For higher performance, we recommend shaking the duvet often and gently, exposing it to the air to restore volume and fluffiness to the feather.

If you notice any dust on the surface, we recommend that you remove it with a light hand brush. We advise not to beat the duvet vigorously to avoid breaking the feathers inside.

The recommended wash is 40 °; in fact, medium temperatures avoid damaging the outer fabric.

Dry cleaning allowed in laundry by following washing instructions carefully.

Use mild detergents and plenty of water to make sure you remove all traces of soap. Avoid using chlorine-based detergents that irreparably damage the feathers.

Spin to remove as much water as possible.

Tumble dry at medium / low temperatures allowed. We recommend drying the duvets in the open air in a vertical position. Always keep the duvets in the shade so as not to yellow the outer fabric.

Only use or store the duvet when it is totally dry. We recommend storing the duvet in a dry place inside a cotton bag. Zenoni & Colombi, together with its duvets, provides a practical dust bag for storing them.

Do not store the goose down in plastic bags or vacuum-sealed to avoid damaging the down filling.

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Fast refunds within 10 days.

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