Made in Italy, tailoring care and research of fabrics

Zenoni & Colombi has chosen to produce exclusively in Italy, selecting only local suppliers, to guarantee top quality products. From the model to the finished product, each stage of production is carefully studied within the company, so that every detail is carried out with the utmost care.

Tailoring care and raw materials - Natural fibers, precious raw materials and precise finishes give the final product unique characters and details, often customizable according to the tastes and lifestyle of the customer.

Production chain - Compared to traditional distribution, our production chain is smaller. We personally select the raw material, study and manufacture each phase of the product within the company and then deliver it directly to your home. In this way we are able to make products in our eco-sustainable production laboratory, avoiding large industrial supply chains, while also maintaining competitive prices by eliminating intermediaries such as distributors and shops.

Zenoni & Colombi duvets with virgin down contain Downpass certified down with which it is possible to trace each batch of material.


The quality of the duvet determines the quality of sleep. For this reason we have decided to make our duvets starting from a minimum of 90% goose down and 10% small feathers, up to a 100% padding only down duvet. Why this choice? The duvet differs from the feather for the composition: unlike the latter, the duvet has the shape of a bow and does not have rachids or banners. This makes the duvet soft, light and does not cause discomfort. The feather, on the other hand, is mainly used as a padding for cushions, is a small feather made up of a stem called a calamus from which the "beards" branch off. The duvet weighs just from 2 to 3 milligrams, is breathable, insulating and thermoregulator; it therefore maintains a constant temperature.


Once the best raw material has been selected, the down is subjected to several processes:
- separation : thanks to an air circulation mechanism, feathers and down are separated according to their weight.
- dedusting : a process that eliminates all traces of dust from the duvet.
- washing and sterilization : feathers and down are washed and sterilized according to the regulations in force in Italy. After a first sterilization, at the end of the washing, feathers and feathers undergo a second sterilization to eliminate all bacteria.
- drying : feathers and down are dried at high temperatures to remove any trace of humidity. Their temperature is then lowered, so that they can be used.


Once these steps have been completed, the down is tested in the laboratory to verify its quality and to evaluate its filling power.

The filling power, calculated in cuin, defines the relationship between the weight and the volume of the filling and is a parameter that must necessarily be taken into consideration when choosing the duvet. High volume and low weight ensure a high quality product, made with rich and voluminous duvets. The duvets commonly found on the market have on average a filling power ranging from 400 to 850cuin; Zenoni & Colombi duvets, on the other hand, start from a base of 550cuin up to a maximum of 850cuin.

After the tests, the down is inserted into the bag, positioned and quilted.


The covers of our duvets are all made of 100% cotton, a natural and breathable fiber. According to the line we find more or less particular linings: for our "Polar" line we have chosen a 250 thread cotton cover while for the "Gran Paradiso" line we have a 450 thread cover (+ threads = + quality of the material ).


For our duvets we use two types of quilting: fixed squares and coffered.

The quilting with fixed squares provides seams that join the two sheets directly, forming completely closed squares between which there is no migration of down. Inside them the duvet creates a thermoregulatory action with great transpiration capacity in every area.

The coffered quilting is done with internal spacers between the seams of the fabric. This technique is used only for our most padded duvets.


Thanks to the Nomite certification we guarantee that all our duvets are suitable for use by people with allergies to dust. The Oeko-tex certification guarantees that all the components of the products are made without the use of substances harmful to health.