Zenoni&Colombi consiglia le lenzuola di raso. Il raso di cotone è infatti un tessuto delicato e soffice che regala una sensazione vellutata simile alla seta.

Don't miss the luxury of satin sheets

Apr 21, 2022

Resting well at night is essential to get up charged and ready for a new day's work. For this reason, the choice of sheets to sleep in is an important factor.

The best choice is certainly to opt for sheets in natural materials such as cotton, avoiding synthetic fabrics that cause heat and perspiration.

The best sheets to sleep on

Zenoni&Colombi recommends satin sheets . Cotton satin is in fact a delicate and soft fabric that gives a velvety sensation similar to silk.

Fresh and delicate on the skin, satin is able to regulate body temperature according to the seasons, providing freshness in summer and warmth in winter. Its softness also allows skin and hair to breathe and rest better, being subjected to less friction and static electricity than other rougher fabrics.

Satin sheets will therefore allow you to enjoy relaxation in a different way, thanks to the comfort and serenity that this fabric offers.

To be used every day or just for a special evening, satin sheets will always be the right choice.

Let yourself be enveloped by Zenoni&Colombi satin sheets ... once you try them, it will be difficult to go back to the same old sheets.