Quale è la differenza tra cotone, raso e percalle?

What is the difference between cotton, satin and percale?

May 02, 2022

You have to choose between cotton, satin and percale and not  you know  orient you? Here is some useful information about these fabrics.
Let's start with the basics: they are all cotton fabrics. But what are the differences?
  • Texture
  • Thread title
  • Fabric finishing


Pure cotton is a resistant and ductile vegetable fiber , also available on the market in the organic version.

Cotton is worked with a plain weave which is the simplest and most used. This weave makes cotton the most compact and resistant fabric as it has the greatest number of binding points.
This technique provides for a perfect perpendicularity between warp and weft. The fabrics worked with this texture do not have a right and a reverse, the two sides of the fabric are the same. 
For our 100% cotton products we use 27/30 canvas.


Shaved cotton is the most valuable and therefore expensive. Each garment is made with satin weave, which provides for a prevalence of warp in the weave.
This process gives the fabric its natural sheen and a smooth feel to the touch.
Cotton satin fabrics have very different front and back sides.
For our products we mainly use 300 thread count cotton satin.
Machine washing is possible for this type of fabric.


Percale cotton is a particularly fine fabric, it is made with the same technique as cotton but is made up of finer and quality yarns. The greater the quantity of threads used and, consequently, the quality.
The result is a soft and velvety fabric to the touch, used to make high quality linen.

Thread title

The count of the yarns is the conventional notation referring to the fineness, i.e. the thickness.
With the Indirect Counting system, the count of the yarns is obtained from the ratio between a length (variable) and a weight (fixed). The higher the number expressing the count, the higher the fineness of the yarn.

Fabric finishing

By "textile finishing" we mean those treatments to which the textile material being processed is subjected to improve subsequent processes such as dyeability, color or final performance.
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