Come scegliere il piumino per il letto?

How to choose the right duvet for the bed?

Jun 30, 2022

Not sure how to choose a duvet for your bed? Here is some useful information that will help you choose the most suitable duvet for you.


The first distinction to make is related to the padding. Natural duvets are characterized by three different types of material: there is the down, which comes from the underbreast of the animal and is the most valuable, the feather, which is the plumage without a feather and then the plume (i.e. the small feathers) . Let's see specifically the differences between the 3 different possible paddings.
The feather has a fairly large size and is mainly used to stuff sofas or mattresses, giving excellent support and excellent breathability.
Down is a light, fluffy, soft, transpiring, insulating and thermoregulating material. It comes in the form of flakes and weighs 2 to 3 milligrams. Down tuft has tremendous air-trapping ability; this makes it able to compress and then return to its full size. Thanks to these features down is a raw material that is mainly used in clothing.
The plume is a small feather made up of a stem, called calamus, from which the "beards" branch out and is mainly used as padding for pillows.
The quality of the duvet determines the quality of sleep. We have decided to make our duvets starting from a minimum of 90% goose down and 10% small feathers, up to a 100% padding only with down flakes.
For our 100% down products – such as the Monaco, Campiglio, Gran Paradiso lines – we select Downpass certified down. Through this certification it is possible to trace each batch of material. In clothing you can hardly find garments with better padding than our duvets. 


Our choice for lining is cotton . This is because cotton is a 100% natural breathable fiber - as opposed to materials such as polyester - as well as durable and resistant .
For our products, according to the line, we have chosen cotton covers with different numbers of threads. We start with our Basic line with a 250 thread count cover, up to the Luxury line with a 450 thread count cover. In general, the greater the number of cotton threads, the greater the resistance of the material, guaranteeing a high quality product. Thanks to the Nomite certification we guarantee that all our duvets are suitable for use by people suffering from dust allergies.

Filling power

This parameter defines the ratio between the volume of the padding and its weight . Its unit of measurement is the CUIN . The higher the Filling Power is, the better the quality of the down will be. A high volume and low weight means that the product is made using a high quality, voluminous, rich down.
Generally the filling power is between 400 and 850.
Our lines go  from 550 to 850 CUIN.

Heat Points / Togs

The heat points or Togs indicate the degree of thermal insulation with respect to the external environment and varies according to the weight of the duvet.
When a product is able to maintain heat, it is measured in togs (the higher the value, the more heat it retains). The heat points help to understand the seasonality of the duvet: the higher the heat points, the more the duvet will be suitable for cold environments and seasons. Conversely, the lower the heat points, the more suitable the duvet will be for periods with warm weather.
Our lines range from 4 to 12 togs and 2 to 6 heat points.

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