Zenoni and Colombi
an Italian house.

She made blankets and he sold looms. Thus was born, from the meeting between Adriano Zenoni and his wife Emanuela Colombi, in 1982, the love story of Zenoni & Colombi, a family company from Val Seriana specialized in the production of fabrics and household linen.

A story which, like a sturdy thread spanning 40 years, continues to be sewn with tailoring even today by the sons of the founders, who started working in the company immediately after graduating from high school, at a very young age: Lorenzo and Raffaele, who in 2017 began carry on the family business, and who were also joined in 2018 and 2019 by Mariagrazia and Federico.

The second generation, at home.

Young and passionate, the four Zenoni brothers immediately wanted to continue weaving the family history, weaving it with new, fresh and fragrant threads. As in a return to their origins and home, they focused above all on products related to the bed, returning right to where it all began, with mother Emanuela's blankets and father Adriano's frames. This led to the creation of new exceptional products, such as the topper on which Raffaele loves to lie down once he has finished with the bureaucratic paperwork, the Campiglio duvet, 100% virgin goose, with which Lorenzo warms himself in the winter, the fresh satin sheets and light, but classy, ​​like Mariagrazia, and the Gardena pillow on which Federico leans after closing the warehouse.

Like one of the family.

The customer is at the center for Zenoni & Colombi. Like one of the family. Whether online or in person, through a direct relationship or reviews and electronic contacts, the company creates its products based on the customer's needs and feedback. Unique details and tailoring always ready to satisfy every desire.

Taken care of by the house, for everyone.

So it cares about your homes, that's why it works to provide you with the best products for your families, Zenoni & Colombi also cares about the environment and that's why it has installed a photovoltaic system in its production site, allowing it to reduce emissions of CO2 and contribute to the protection of our planet, the home of all of us.

Everything at home.

Household linens, but also collections for the catering, hotel and nautical sectors. Zenoni & Colombi offers a vast range of coordinated and customizable, refined and eco-friendly items and accessories, the result of excellent craftsmanship from Bergamo and 100% Made in Italy. The company has chosen to produce everything in Italy, in Val Seriana, at home. This allows the four brothers to follow the entire production process. From the choice of top quality materials, to their processing, with the aim of providing highly tailored products, both in terms of aesthetics and comfort, but also that last over time. Just like the ones you sewed at home with the pedal machine for your family. Only new, modern and for all families.

With the window
open to the world.

Supported by a family experience of over 40 years, the second generation of Zenoni & Colombi wants to sew its history further and further afield, even abroad. This is why it continues to participate in international trade fairs - in the last 30 years, the company has participated in more than 100 fairs, from Milan, Florence and Verona, up to the international fair experience in Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Moscow , Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, Dubai – and has decided to focus heavily on online sales, to have a window opened all over the world with one click.

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