✅ Duvet and duvet cover are smaller in size, resulting in less bulky and easier to manage.

✅ With smaller duvets, you'll need less space in the closet when you're not using them and it'll be easier to put the duvet in the bag.

✅ With the smaller duvet covers, ironing will be faster and easier.

✅ The bed is easier and faster to make again.

✅ Sleeping without a top sheet will help you in the washing process: less laundry to wash and iron will leave you with more free time.

✅ More freedom in movement during sleep, without risking stealing your partner's blankets.

✅ Using two separate duvets it will be possible to use two different weights: if the partner suffers from the cold more than you will be able to use a warmer duvet; if, on the contrary, he suffers less from the cold, he can use a lighter duvet.