Perchè scegliere la piuma in Inverno?

Why choose down in winter?

Sep 14, 2022

Winter is warmer with goose down

The real feather duvet is the best choice for a good night's sleep. Qualitatively superior to any other product, it helps to achieve a better quality of sleep and, if well maintained and preserved during the months of inactivity, it can last a lifetime, amortizing the purchase cost.

Goose down is a natural padding that keeps the body temperature constant, lowering the percentage of humidity in the bed and providing maximum breathability. It is precisely the breathability that allows you not to sweat during the night and to wake up rested and dry.

No product is as warm as goose down

The structure of the goose down manages to retain the air creating an insulating effect. It is thanks to this system that birds can withstand important thermal variations, passing without problems from hot to cold.

Compared to synthetic padding, down is completely biodegradable and safer, as it burns by charring itself without developing a flame. The feather is also hypoallergenic , in fact it does not allow the accumulation of annoying dust mites, and has a lower weight, making it lighter and more comfortable on the body.

The duvet as a green choice

In recent years, attention to the environment and pollution has grown. For this reason, in winter it is important to pay attention to the temperature to be kept indoors. Goose down has a very high calorific value and will allow you to stay warm even if you choose to have a few degrees less in the bedroom (with a lower temperature there will be less dispersion of CO2, disadvantaging pollution).

Furthermore, the feathers, being 100% natural, degrade in a very short time and have a much lower disposal cost than a synthetic duvet. Not only that, being rich in nitrogen they can also become an excellent natural fertilizer.

The duvet therefore, by promoting energy saving and ease of disposal, can also be considered a green choice.