Cuscini arredo: come usarli per decorare

Furnishing cushions: how to use them to decorate

Oct 12, 2022

Furniture cushions can become an essential aspect of indoor and outdoor furniture. Depending on the style chosen, whether it is classic or modern, the right style can be found for every environment, to meet the personal tastes of those who live there. You don't need to spend a lot of time and money; a few simple details are enough to obtain a relaxing and classy environment. Furnishing cushions are one of the details that can make the difference.

Furnishing the outside

With the arrival of summer, more time is spent outdoors and, for the luckiest ones who have gardens or terraces at their disposal, it is always a pleasure to dedicate time to setting them up. The cushions are perfect for giving an elegant and refined touch to rustic or very basic furniture. An original idea for the outdoors are the cushions from the Paisley collection , a particular and highly effective alternative line.

Furnish the interior

The cushions can be used to furnish both the living room and the bedroom. For the sofa, we recommend opting for decorative cushions with harmonious shapes and arranging everything symmetrically, for example by placing a seat cushion or a pair at each end, near the armrests. The Ethnic collection is an original idea to give the sofa an extravagant and colorful touch. For the bed, it is common practice to place two or three pillows, even of various sizes, after the normal pillows for sleeping. This will create a dynamic bed, made of different overlaps and geometric shapes, which will make everything modern and elegant. To maintain a refined style, you can opt for the classic white hand-embroidered decorative pillowcases. The important thing is not to overdo it: inserting too many cushions could make the room appear messy or compromise the effective comfort of the bed and sofa.

Choice of colors

For the choice of colors it is important to take into consideration the context of insertion. Place yourself in the room to be furnished and observe the colors used for the walls, floor and sofa; the choice of colors and style will then be very clear to you. In case you have a very dark or gloomy environment, the best choice is to rely on contrast and opt to furnish with white cushions or in any case in a light shade. If you have a totally neutral environment, it is better to opt for colors that match the furnishings in gradation, without creating bright contrasts of patterns and shades. To obtain a more original environment, you could opt for a pattern that recalls the colors of the furnishings around. Play with the dozens of patterns available to always create new and original combinations.

Furnishing for style

For a classic style, one cannot fail to opt for the timeless hand-embroidered decorative cushions. The white embroidered pillowcases are elegant, precious and timeless.

The watchword is to play with fantasies. Knowing how to furnish with style means combining designs that you wouldn't think fit together. With a careful choice of patterns it is in fact possible to create a very modern environment, where dynamism is king. Start playing with patterns with our line of Tartan cushions .

Let yourself be carried away by the exotic atmosphere and immediately start decorating any room with this style! The ethnic style is undoubtedly an addition of a certain level but, if used with care, it will certainly give a touch of liveliness to your home.

Shabby chic
The style of the paisley furnishing cushions travels through the infinite shades of beige and brown, lights up with greens and oranges and acquires mystery with intense blues.

Practical advice

It is important to choose pillowcases with removable covers to wash the outside often and to be able to change the internal padding in case it gets damaged. Choosing cotton pillowcases will prevent you from having problems with any guests allergies. Pay attention to the arrangement of the cushions. The arrangement of the furniture cushions will make the difference between creating a well-kept environment or a messy environment.