Water Lily designed Double Quilt Ninfea 90% Goose Down & 10% Feather with Silk Blend Lining, Made in Italy

399,90 €

359,91 € VAT included

Composition lining: 51% Silk and 49% pure cotton

Filling material: 90% goose down 10% white anti-allergic feathers

Size: 265x270cm

Stitched squares 25x25cm

Heat rating: 5 points

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Water Lily, Double quilt. An elegant and soft quilt of high quality, padded with washed and sterilized goose feather. Filling material: 90% goose down 10% white anti-allergic feathers. Lining composition: 51% Silk and 49% pure cotton, with quilted 25x25 cm squares. The specific composition of the quilt creates an ideal microclimate which enables a perfect and warm rest without sweating. Heat rating: 5 points, classified as medium-high which is also suitable for frigid temperatures. Packed in a transparent bag with handles marked Zenoni & Colombi, comfortable and convenient to place in the wardrobe during the warmer months. Size: 265x270cm . Craftsmanship and workmanship: Made in Italy. Zenoni & Colombi: Quality is home.

Color: Pink

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