Gran Paradiso 4 seasons PLUS duvet (90+180gr) in 100% goose down
Gran Paradiso 4 seasons PLUS duvet (90+180gr) in 100% goose down
Gran Paradiso 4 seasons PLUS duvet (90+180gr) in 100% goose down
Gran Paradiso 4 seasons PLUS duvet (90+180gr) in 100% goose down
Gran Paradiso 4 seasons PLUS duvet (90+180gr) in 100% goose down
Gran Paradiso 4 seasons PLUS duvet (90+180gr) in 100% goose down
Gran Paradiso 4 seasons PLUS duvet (90+180gr) in 100% goose down

Gran Paradiso 4 seasons PLUS duvet (90+180gr) in 100% goose down

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Squares: 250x215 cm
250x215 cm
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Duvet for the coldest ones

The 4 seasons PLUS made in Italy duvet is ideal for cold seasons with very cold temperatures . Able to satisfy even the most sensitive to cold, the PLUS duvet is also suitable for bedrooms with temperatures below 15°.

5+2 heat points

Warm duvet in real goose down high-end, light on the body, does not sting or rattle. Its high performance is guaranteed by its 5 +2 heat points and from one Filling Power of 850 .

Is it better to buy a winter duvet or a 4 seasons duvet ?

4 seasons goose down

Virgin goose down filled with soft flakes of Hungarian goose down of the best quality, wrapped in a very precious 450 thread count high quality cotton that gives brightness and softness. From our forty years of experience comes the Gran Paradiso duvet : you will feel like you are sleeping wrapped up in a cloud.

Goose down is the noblest and most precious part of the plumage: the higher the quantity of down used, the higher the quality of the product. Furthermore, Siberian open-air breeding, thanks to the polar cold, favors the development of a very high quality plumage.

2 duvets in 1

The 4 seasons duvet is composed of two separate duvets: 1 summer duvet of 90 g and 1 winter duvet of 180 g. The two duvets can be used separately or joined using the special buttons to form a single warm duvet suitable for the colder seasons.

The comforter arrives packaged in a zip-up bag for convenient storage in the wardrobe in the warmer months. Carefully packaged by the hands of expert craftsmen in Italy to ensure maximum hygiene and quality.

Do you need a different size than the standard ones? This product can also be made to measure; c ontact us for more information.



    Synonymous with the guarantee that the feathers used as padding have been ethically obtained and come from rigorously traced and controlled supply chains. Having downpass certified products means producing duvets while supporting animal welfare during feather harvesting, ensuring that the feathers do not come from live or mistreated animals.


    Certification that marks products that do not present a risk to the health of consumers.


    International brand that identifies suitable products
    for use by people allergic to dust and mites.

    Technical specifications

    Padding: 100% hypoallergenic white goose down
    Lining: 100% exclusive premium quality 450 thread count cotton nano batiste fabric.
    Feather origin: Hungary
    Padding weight:
    Spring Duvet 90 gr / sqm
    Winter duvet 180 gr / sqm
    Degree of heat: 5 + 2 points; Filling Power 850 CUIN;
    Certifications: downpass and oeko-tex

    Washing tips

    If it does not suffer particular damage, the bed duvet can be safely washed once a year before being put away; frequent washing is not necessary to keep it fresh. For higher performance, we recommend shaking the duvet often and gently, exposing it to the air to restore volume and fluffiness to the feather.

    If you notice any dust on the surface, we recommend that you remove it with a light hand brush. We advise not to beat the duvet vigorously to avoid breaking the feathers inside.

    The recommended wash is 40 °; in fact, medium temperatures avoid damaging the outer fabric.

    Dry cleaning allowed in laundry by following washing instructions carefully.

    Use mild detergents and plenty of water to make sure you remove all traces of soap. Avoid using chlorine-based detergents that irreparably damage the feathers.

    Spin to remove as much water as possible.

    Tumble dry at medium / low temperatures allowed. We recommend drying the duvets in the open air in a vertical position. Always keep the duvets in the shade so as not to yellow the outer fabric.

    Only use or store the duvet when it is totally dry. We recommend storing the duvet in a dry place inside a cotton bag. Zenoni & Colombi, together with its duvets, provides a practical dust bag for storing them.

    Do not store the goose down in plastic bags or vacuum-sealed to avoid damaging the down filling.

    Returns and Refunds

    Returns for Italy are free. We collect the goods directly to your home by express courier in 24/48 hours.

    Fast refunds within 10 days.

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