Summer goose down duvets

Scegli il piumone estivo in vera piuma d'oca di alta gamma Zenoni & Colombi. Perfetto per le stagioni più calde grazie ai soli 2 punti di calore che aiutano a mantenere il corpo fresco, asciutto e isolato.

Impossible to sleep under the duvet in summer? There is no more wrong thing to think.

1. Goose down regulates body temperature
2. Goose down regulates humidity
3. Goose down has insulating capabilities
4. The goose down is light on the body
5. Goose down is hypoallergenic

Choose the Zenoni & Colombi high-end real goose down duvet. Perfect for the warmer seasons thanks to only 2 points of heat that help keep the body cool, dry and insulated.

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